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An underestmated and growing problem!


Pleasure yachts at the end of their life cycle are a grosley underestimated and massive growing problem. Many yachts were bought in the '60s and '70s and now these yachts are coming to the end of their lifecycle due to various reasons.

It is not easy for individuals to find an adress to recycle these ships in a responsible way, and because of that they end up semi abandoed in waterways owned by the government or in harbors. The owners of these yachhts are difficult, sometimes impossible, to trace. The boats often contain components that are a burden to the environment, and many threaten to sink, causing serious environmental hazard.


Make an adequate recycleplan


Stichting Jacht Recycling unburdens! A surveyor springs into action the moment Stichting Jacht Recycling get's tasked with the assignment to recycle. He assesses all the risks and makes an adequate salvage and recycleplan.

The disposer recieves a certificate at the end of the project that states that the ship is demantled and all the residuals have been disposed of in a responsible manner using Dutch and European legislation.

This way Stichting Jacht Recycling destresses you as disposer and you will run no risk of being liable for environmental damage.